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Comprehensive List of Researchers "Information Knowledge"

Comprehensive List of Researchers
  • 計算機数理科学専攻
  • 情報システム学専攻
  • メディア科学専攻
  • 複雑系科学専攻
  • 社会システム情報学専攻
  • 附属組込みシステム研究センター

Mathematical Informatics Group

Name Title Research Theme Research Field
MATSUBARA, Yo Professor Investigation of Large Cardinal Axioms Set theory
SATOH, Junya Associate Professor Theory of Cyclotomic Fields and Bernoulli Numbers Class number
YOSHINOBU, Yasuo Professor Infinitary Combinatorics and Large Cardinal Axioms Mathematical logic
Axiomatic set theory

Mathematical Modeling and Analysis Group

Name Title Research Theme Research Field
YAGIURA, Mutsunori Professor Metaheuristics for Combinatorial Optimization Problems Combinatorial optimization
General problem solver
NISHIMURA, harumichi Professor Computational Aspects of Quantum Information Processing quantum computing
computational complexity
BUSCEMI, Francesco Professor Study of fundamental principles in quantum information theory Quantum Foundations
Quantum Measurements
Quantum Communication
Quantum Computing
HU, Yannan Assistant Professor Heuristics for combinatorial optimization problems Combinatorial optimization
OKAMURA, Kazuya Designated Assistant Professor Quantum field theory Quantum field theory
Quantum measurement theory

Theory of Computation Group

Name Title Research Theme Research Field
SAKAI, Masahiko Professor What is the meaning of programs ? Term rewriting systems
Program transformation
Automatic theorem proving

Information Platform Group

Name Title Research Theme Research Field
TAKADA, Hiroaki Professor Design Technologies of Embedded Real-Time Systems Embedded computing system
Real-time computing
Operating system
EDAHIRO,Masato Professor Optimization Techniques for Embedded Multi- / Many-Core Processors, Algorithms, Software Development Tools Embedded Multi- / Many-Core Processors
Parallelism / Concurrency (Optimization
Software Development Tools
HONDA, Shinya Associate Professor RTOS and Codesign Toolkit for Multiprocessor Embedded Systems Embedded systems
Operating systems
MATSUBARA, Yutaka Associate Professor Design and development methods for embedded system safety and security Embedded system
Real-time computing
System safety and security

Practical Information Platform Technology Group

Name Title Research Theme Research Field
OHYAMA, Hiroshi Visiting Professor

Software Science and Technology Group

Name Title Research Theme Research Field
YUEN, Shoji Professor Theory and Practice of Concurrency for Reliable Network Computing Concurency
Communicating processes
Program verification
SEKI, Hiroyuki Professor Language-based Security and Privacy/Mildly Context-Sensitive Grammars Formal Language Theory
Software Design and Verification
YAMAMOTO, Shuichiro Professor Knowledge sharing communication Software Engineering
Requirements Engineering
Enterprise Architecture
Knowledge Sharing Communication
NISHIDA, Naoki Associate Professor Automatic Generation of Inverse Computation Programs in Functional Lauguages and its Application to Software Verification Term rewriting system
Program transformation
Automated theorem proving
MORISAKI, Shuji Associate Professor Approaches for effective and efficient software development and evolution Software Engineering
NAKAZAWA, Koji Associate Professor Program analysis and verification based on relationship between programming languages and logical systems Theory of Programming Languages
Type Theory
Mathematical Logic
HAMAGUCHI, Takeshi Assistant Professor Software Development with Formal Specification Formal specification
Software development
Program verification
HASHIMOTO, Kenji Assistant Professor Verification of transformations on structured data Formal language theory
Formal verification

Practical Software Development Technology Group

Name Title Research Theme Research Field
SATO, Shuichi Visiting Professor Reliability technique for automobile Diagnosis
System verification
Safety & security analysis

Information Network Systems Group

Name Title Research Theme Research Field
MURASE, Tutomu Professor QoS Control and Congestion Control for High Quality Information Network Quality of Service control (QoS)
Congestion Control
Advanced Information Network
Mobile Network
Network Measurement
Traffic Control
Admission Control
Network Design
Overlay Network
Cyber Security
KATAGIRI, Takahiro Professor High Performance Computing
Software Auto-tuning
Massively Parallel Algorithms
SHIMADA, Hajime Associate Professor Green Computing via Reducing Power Consumption of Information Infrastructure System Green Computing
Information Network
Computer Architecture
Parallel Computing
Large-Scale Structural Analysis
YAMAGUCHI, Yukiko Assistant Professor Network Management -- Applying Security Tools -- Network management
Cyber security
NAGAI, Toru Assistant Professor Analysis of Wave Fields in the Earth's Interior with Heterogeneous Structure Solid earth geophysics
Parallel and distributed computing

Speech and Image Science Group

Name Title Research Theme Research Field
MURASE, Hiroshi Professor Video and Image Recognition for Supporting Human Vision Image recognition
Intelligent vehicle
Recognition of broadcast data
TAKEDA, Kazuya Professor Informatics of Sound Speech
Text and human behavior signal processing
IDE, Ichiro Associate Professor Contents Understanding of Large-scale Broadcast Video Data Collection Multimedia contents processing
MATSUBARA, Shigeki Professor Natural Language Processing Using Very-Large Corpora Natural language processing
Information retrieval
Digital library
TAKEUCHI, Eijiro Associate Professor Simultaneous Perception and Planning Probabilistic Robotics
MATSUMOTO, Tetsuya Assistant Professor Construction of Flexible Multimedia Information Processing Systems Neural network
Image processing
Pattern recognition
KAWANISHI, Yasutomo Assistant Professor Pedestrian Detection / Tracking / Identification Pedestrian Sensing
Pattern Recognition
Object Detection

Intelligent Media Engineering Group

Name Title Research Theme Research Field
NAGAO, Katashi Professor Intelligent Agents, Contents, Personal Robots, and Vehicles Content technology
Agent technology
Artificial intelligence
KUDO, Hiroaki Associate Professor Modeling of Human Information Processing Mechanism and its Application Measuring of human information processing mechanism and its application
Human interface
ODA, Masahiro Assistant Professor Development of a computer-aided diagnosis system for colorectal cancer based on navigation diagnosis Medical image processing
Pattern recognition
Computer aided diagnosis
Computer aided surgery

Cognitive Informatics Group

Name Title Research Theme Research Field
MIWA, Kazuhisa Professor Cognitive Science of Creativity and Discovery Cognitive modeling
Cognitive psychology
Intelligent tutoring systems
KAWAI, Nobuyuki Professor Search for the Boundary of Human Intelligence Experimental psychology
Cognitive science
Comparative cognitive science on learning and memory
MITSUMATSU, Hidemichi Assistant Professor Psychology of Causality Between Voluntary Action and Environmental changes Experimental psychology
Human perception
Voluntary action

Media Representation Laboratory

Name Title Research Theme Research Field
KOBAYASHI, Tessei Visiting Associate Professor Linguistic and Cognitive Development in Children Experimental Psychology
Developmental Cognitive Science

Architecture for Information Media Space Group

Name Title Research Theme Research Field
TODA, Tomoki Professor Speech and sound information processing techniques to make the impossible possible Speech processing
Sound signal processing
Speech communication enhancement
OHIRA, Shigeki Assistant Professor Semi-automatic Annotation and Intelligent Application for Multimedia Content Multimedia content processing
Information retrieval

Joint Member

Name Title Research Theme Research Field
MORI, Kensaku Professor Development of Image Processing Techniques and Applications to Medical Images Image processing
Medical image processing
DEGUCHI, Daisuke Associate Professor Development of a bronchoscope navigation system for real-time navigation-based diagnosis Image Processing
Pattern Recognition
Object Detection
ISHIGURO, Yoshio Designated Associate Professor Human computer integration Human Computer Interaction
Image Processing
signal Processing

Real World Data Circulation Program

Name Title Research Theme Research Field
SUZUKI, Kazuyoshi Designated Assistant Professor Free Viewpoint Video Technology Image Processing
Free Viewpoint Video

Many-body Systems Science Group

Name Title Research Theme Research Field
SUGIYAMA, Yuki Professor Mathematical Physics on Dynamics of Many-body Systems Field theories
Dynamical phase transition of manybody systems
Dynamics of self-driven particles
TANIMURA,Shogo Professor Quantum Mechanics, Information Theory, Geometry, Dynamical System Theory, and Statistical Mechanics Quantum mechanics
Geometric methods in physics
TOKITA Keiichiro Professor How can we understand and control the complex systems with diverse elements and complex interactions among them? Statistical Physics
Mathematical Biology
Science of Diversity
NAKAMURA, Yasuyuki Associate Professor Theoretical and Simulation Approach to a Multi-Agent Game e-Learning
Statistical physics

Material Informatics Group

Name Title Research Theme Research Field
KOGA, Nobuaki Professor Theoretical Studies of Electronic Structures of Molecules and Chemical Reactions Computational quantum chemistry
NAGAOKA, Masataka Professor "Computing" Material Transformation ! - Theoretically and Visually - Theoretical chemistry
Computational science
Nonequilibrium phenomenology
ZHANG, Hedong Associate Professor Exploring the Nano World Simulation of nano physical phenomena
IUCHI, Satoru Assistant Professor Theoretical Study on Dynamics of Molecular Systems in Solutions Theoretical/Computational Chemistry

Life-Science Informatics Group

Name Title Research Theme Research Field
OTA, Motonori Professor Structural Bioinformatics & Systems Biology Protein structures
Protein complexes
Interaction network
YOSHIDA, Kumi Professor Molecular Mechanism of Biofunctions Bioorganic chemistry
Natural product chemistry
Plant science
AOKI, Setsuyuki Associate Professor Generation of Biological Functions by the Interactions among Information Bio-molecules Biological rhythms
Gene network
Molecular biology
TSUKAMOTO, Masaki Lecturer Chemical Synthesis of Functional Nucleic Acids, and Development of Methodologies Toward It Nucleic acid chemistry
Organic synthesis
Organometallic chemistry
KOIKE, Ryotaro Assistant Professor Database analysis of protein structures and functions Structural bioinformatics

Emergent Systems Group

Name Title Research Theme Research Field
ARITA, Takaya Professor Artificial Life : An Approach towards the Origin/Evolution of Life and Sociality Artificial Life
Complex systems science
Evolutionary psychology
KITA, Eisuke Professor Computer Simulations for Natural and Social Systems Computer science
Multi-agent system
Social system
Bayesian network
NAGAMINE, Koichiro Associate Professor Extracting and Analyzing Various Information in the Natural and Human Environments Geochemistry
Image Processing
SUZUKI, Reiji Associate Professor Understanding Adaptive Dynamics by Creating Emergence within Computers Artificial life
Agent-based modeling
Evolutionary computation
SASAHARA Kazutoshi Lecturer Communication as Complex System Artificial Life
Complex Systems
Information Behavior

Complex Systems Computation Group

Name Title Research Theme Research Field
AZEGAMI, Hideyuki Professor Mathematics of Modeling and Optimization Applied Mathematics
Mathematical design
Shape Optimization
OHKA, Masahiro Professor Human Sensation Modeling towards Robotics Intelligent robotics
Sensor and actuator system
Psychophysics on human tactile sensation
WATANABE, Takashi Professor Complex System of Material Flow and Information Flow Fluid informatics
Computational fluid dynamics
Image processing
SUZUKI, Yasuhiro Associate Professor Science of Harness Natural Computing
Science of Harness
Systems Biology
Computational Aesthetics

Information Visualization Group

Name Title Research Theme Research Field
UCHIYAMA, Tomomi Professor Advanced Numerical Simulation for Complex Flow Phenomena Computational fluid dynamics
Multiphase flow engineering
YASUDA, Koji Associate Professor Quantum-chemical Simulation of Large Molecules Quantum chemistry
Special-purpose computer
NIIMI,Michiko Associate Professor Relation between Man and Environment from Past to Present Environmental archeology
Faunal remains

Knowledge Society and Information Systems Group

Name Title Research Theme Research Field
MASE, Kenji Professor Multimedia and Multi-modal Computer Mediated Communication Communication support
Context processing and understanding
Ubiquitous interfaces
ISHIKAWA, Yoshiharu Professor Data Engineering for Taming Large Dynamic Databases Databases
Data engineering
Web information systems
ENOKIBORI, Yu Assistant Professor Ubiquitous and invisible computing Ubiquitous
Skill and training analysis
Health care system

Designing of Electronic Society Group

Name Title Research Theme Research Field
YASUDA, Takami Professor Design of Electronic Society from Citizen Viewpoint Chair of electronic society design
Media society
Socio Informatics
ENDO, Mamoru Associate Professor Social Application of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Media Informatics
Socio Informatics

Philosophy of Information Group

Name Title Research Theme Research Field
TODAYAMA, Kazuhisa Professor Philosophical Analysis of Science and Technology Philosophy of science
Science and technology studies
Engineering ethics
AKIBA, Fuminori Associate Professor Communication through Artifacts ?- Taking Lessons from Art Collaboration of aesthetics and science
Artifacts and communication
KOIKE, Naoto Associate Professor Concepts of Information(oplysning) and socio-polotical linkage in the Nordic welfare states Socio-cultural theory
Social philosophy
History of ideas in Europe
KUKITA, Minao Associate Professor Philosophu of mathematics, philosophy of language, philosophy of technology, ethics of technology Philosophy

Architecture of Information Society Group

Name Title Research Theme Research Field
TOYAMA, Katsuhiko Professor Integration and Application of Knowledge and Language Information Knowledge information processing
Natural language processing
OGAWA, Yasuhiro Associate Professor Multilingual Intelligence Sharing based on Natural Language Processing Natural language processing
Machine translation
Legislation support system

Joint Member

Name Title Research Theme Research Field
KATO, Yoshihide Associate Professor Natural Language Processing
Data Mining
Information Retrieval

Name Title Research Theme Research Field
TAKADA, Hiroaki Executive Director / Professor Design Technologies of Embedded Real-Time Systems Embedded computing system
Real-time computing
Operating system
YAMAMOTO, Masaki Director / Designated Professor Education method for embedded software engineers Embedded software
Educational evaluation
SAKAMOTO, Tadashi Designated Professor Design and development methods for embedded system Embedded system
Development of a SPF for automobiles
YOSHIDA, Norihiro Associate Professor Software Development Support Based on Source Code Analysis Software Engineering
TAKASHIMA, Hiroyuki Designated Associate Professor Improvement of the productivity of embedded software engineers / Development of a SPF for automobiles Technology and Innovative Management
Embedded system
KURACHI, Ryo Designated Associate Professor Next-generation Automotive LAN