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Message from the Dean


Message from the Dean

In today’s world, information permeates every corner of society and plays a major role. Information science, which is the academic field of information, has a mutually close relationship with the fields of natural science, the humanities, and social sciences, all of which are derived from combinations of existing sciences. Information science has contributed to development in various areas.
At the Nagoya University Graduate School of Information Science, cutting-edge information science is studied to support our modern information society from many different angles, and to develop cutting-edge human resources. The Nagoya University Graduate School of Information Science, which was established in 2003 by faculty members in the field of information science, accepts students who understand the academic and social impact of information science, pursue its theoretical and technical foundations, and who have the academic skills and eagerness necessary to aim at practical use of information science.
The Graduate School of Information Science offers five courses of study:
(1) Computer Science and Mathematical Informatics; the Cornerstones of Information Science
(2) Information Systems Software and Hardware: Optimal Design and Implementation
(3) Fundamentals and Applications of Audio-Visual Information Processing and Elucidating Human Cognition Functions
(4) Viewpoints and Methodologies for a Uniform Understanding of Dynamic Natural, Life and Social Phenomena
(5) Designing and Creating Better Connections between ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and Society, from an Interdisciplinary Standpoint
Founded in 2006, The Center for Embedded Computing Systems develops human resources and studies technology for developing computer systems to control other computer systems embedded in various kinds of equipment. In 2013, a new graduate program, "Next-Generation Data Circulation Leaders", was adopted, and through it we have begun nurturing outstanding leaders who will contribute to society from a global viewpoint.

In terms of social expectations and social impact, information science will further develop and become comparable in importance to traditional academic fields. The Graduate School of Information Science will continue to vigorously promote joint industry-government-academia research and fund raising from external sources.

We have already had many successful graduates, and we contribute to the nurturing of human resources who will support the industry, society, and academia of Japan. The academic field of information science contributes to understanding information in nature, materials, and society, to designing the basis that constitutes an information society, and to creating a safe, secure, and comfortable society. We invite you to discover the essence of information science and make your own contributions to society. The pedagogical approach and research content of each course is introduced in this brochure as well as on the Graduate School of Information Science website.  We’re confident that you will find some themes to fuel your curiosity and fulfill your dreams. Our faculty members are all waiting for you to join us.

photo : Dean MURASE, Hiroshi

Dean MURASE, Hiroshi