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Comprehensive List of Researchers "Information Knowledge"

Department of Systems and Social Informatics

Philosophy of Information Group

Associate Professor

Ph. D.
Research Field
Philosophy / Ethics

Current Research

Philosophu of mathematics, philosophy of language, philosophy of technology, ethics of technology

The central question of my research is ``How words obtain their meanings?'' I employ the following approaches to the question: (1) a formal approach, in which I focus on the logical aspect of language, and investigate into the structure and dynamics of language itself based on methods of formal logic, (2) a pragmatic approach, in which I investigate into the meaning of an utterance by taking into account what we achieve (or try to achieve) in our practical communication, and (3) a techno-philosophical approach, in which I pay attention to complicated interactions between information technologies (here I include abstract things like language or grammar) and the individuals (or communities) who use them, and reflect on features of human recognition or communication. I am also interested in the influence of IT on the society, and its ethical implications. In particular, I am conducting study on the ethical implications of robotics in cooperation with roboticists and ethicists.


  • Minao Kukita received Ph. D. from Kyoto University. Since 2014, he has been an associate professor at Graduate School of Information Science, Nagoya University.

Academic Societies

  • The Philosophical Association of Japan
  • Japan Association for the Contemporary and Applied Philosophy
  • Japan Association for Philosophy of Science
  • Philosophy of Science Society Japan
  • The Kansai Philosophical Association
  • Kyoto Association for Philosophy
  • Chubu Association for Philosophy


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  2. ``Can robots understand values?: Artificial morality and ethical symbol grounding.'' In Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Applied Ethics and Applied Philosophy in East Asia, Feb. 2014, pp. 65-76.