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Comprehensive List of Researchers "Information Knowledge"

Department of Complex Systems Science

Many-body Systems Science Group
Dr. of Science
Research Field
Quantum mechanics / Geometric methods in physics

Current Research

Quantum Mechanics, Information Theory, Geometry, Dynamical System Theory, and Statistical Mechanics
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  • 1986: Graduated from Chigusa High School
  • 1990: Nagoya University, Under Graduate Course, Department of Applied Physics
  • 1995: Nagoya University, Graduate School, Department of Physics, PhD degree
  • 1995: JSPS Posdoc working at the University of Tokyo
  • 1995-1999: Kyoto University, Assistant
  • 1999-2003: Kyoto University, Lecturer
  • 2003-2006: Osaka City University, Associate Professor
  • 2006-2011: Kyoto University, Associate Professor
  • 2011-: Nagoya University, Professor

Academic Societies

  • Physical Society of Japan


  1. "Equations for Beginners" (Japanese book)
  2. "Topology, Category, and Differential Geometry" (Japanese book)
  3. "Introduction to Quantum Theory of the 21st Century" (lecture notes in Japanese)
  4. S. Tanimura and T. Iwai, "Reduction of quantum systems on Riemannian manifolds with symmetry and application to molecular mechanics", Journal of Mathematical Physics, 41, 1814-1842 (2000).
  5. S. Tanimura, M. Nakahara, and D. Hayashi, "Exact solutions of the isoholonomic problem and the optimal control problem in holonomic quantum computation", Journal of Mathematical Physics, 46, 022101, 1-15 (2005).
  6. T. Isobe and S. Tanimura, "A method for systematic construction of Bell-like inequalities and a proposal of a new type of test", Progress of Theoretical Physics, 124, 191-205 (2010).
  7. Y. Hasegawa, K. Saitoh, N. Tanaka, S. Tanimura, M. Uchida, "Young's interference experiment with electron beams carrying orbital angular momentum", Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 82, 033002 (2013).