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Comprehensive List of Researchers "Information Knowledge"

Department of Media Science

Joint Member
Designated Associate Professor
Ph.D (Information Studies)
Research Field
Human Computer Interaction / Image Processing / signal Processing

Current Research

Human computer integration


  • Yoshio Ishiguro received his PhD (Information Studies) in the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies at the University of Tokyo. He was post-doc researcher at Disney Research. He was a Research Fellow at the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. He received his Associate degree from Toyota National College of Technology and B.Eng. / M.Eng. degree in information technology from Ritsumeikan University. His research interests include mixed reality, augmented reality, and human computer integration. He is a member of the Virtual Reality Society of Japan and the Information Processing Society of Japan and the Association for Computing Machinery.

Academic Societies

  • ACM
  • Information processing society of Japan


  • 2010  Pervasive 2010 Best Video Award (Title: Aided Eyes: Eye Activity Sensing for Daily Life)
  • 2011  AH2011 Best Paper Award (Title: Peripheral Vision Annotation: Noninterference Information Presentation Method for Mobile Augmented Reality)
  • 2012  Good Design 2012 Best 100 (Happiness Counter)
  • 2014  ACM CHI2014 Honorable Mention Award (Title: 3D Printed Interactive Speakers)