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YOSHIDA, Norihiro
Associate Professor
Research Field
Software Engineering
YOSHIDA, Norihiro

Current Research

Software Development Support Based on Source Code Analysis

My research area is software engineering, focusing on software development support based on source code analysis. Improving the efficiency of software maintenance has been one of major problems in the software engineering field due to the increase in long-term maintenance projects for large-scale software systems. In order to alleviate maintenance effort for large-scale software systems, my colleagues and I have proposed various approaches based on source code analysis. Hereafter, I will introduce two approaches of them.

1. Clone Change Notification System (ICPC 2013)

Programmers tend to write code clones unintentionally even in the case that they can easily avoid them. Clone change management is one of crucial issues in open source software (OSS) development as well as in industrial software development (e.g., development of social infrastructure, financial system, and medical equipment). When an industrial developer fixes a defect, he/she has to find the code clones corresponding to the code fragment including it. So far, several studies performed on the analysis of clone evolution in OSS. However, to our knowledge, a few researches have been reported on an application of a clone change notification system to industrial development process. In this research, my colleagues and I developed a system for notifying creation and change of code clones, and then reported on the experience with 40-days application of it into a development process in NEC Corporation. In the industrial application, a developer successfully identified ten unintentionally-developed clones that should be refactored.

Clone Change Notification System
Clone Change Notification System

2. A Tool Support to Merge Similar Methods with Differences (IWSC 2013)

Merging similar programs is a promising solution to improve the maintainability of source code. Before merging programs, any syntactic difference has to be extracted as a new method. However, it is difficult for a developer to identify and extract differences from programs appropriately because he/she has to consider not only syntactic and semantic correctness but also the modularity of the programs after merging. In this research, my colleagues and I developed a slice-based cohesion metrics approach to suggesting the extractions of differences from similar Java methods. This approach identifies syntactic differences from two methods, and then suggests sets of cohesive regions including those differences.



  • Norihiro Yoshida received his Master of Information Science and Technology and Ph.D. in Information Science and Technology from Osaka University in 2006 and 2009, respectively. He had been a visiting scholar in the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science at the University of Waterloo from July to December 2009, and then visited the National University of Singapore from January to February 2010, and the University of Bremen from February to March 2010. Before joining Nagoya University in April 2014, he was an assistant professor in the Graduate School of Information Science at the Nara Institute of Science and Technology from June 2010 to March 2014.

Academic Societies

  • IPSJ
  • JSAI
  • IEEE
  • ACM


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