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(Updated 2010/10/25 )

A seminar talk on October 28(Thursday),2010

Information Science Seminar
[Title] From Bisimulations to Logics for Reversibily
[Speaker] Irek Ulidowski (University of Leicester)
[Date] October 28, 2010, 10:30am-11:30am
[Place] IB lecture room #013, Nagoya University
The talk will report on several new bisimulations for reversible
computation (as well as several other bisimulations previously
considered in other context). Then we shall introduce new modal
logics that characterise fully these bisimulstions on stable
configuration structures.
[Contact] Shoji Yuen, Dept of Information Engineering, Graduate School of Information Science, (Phone: 052-789-3649)

Dates:October 28, 2010